Gettin’ to know Us

When builders did away with porches, we Americans were done a disservice.  Now I’ve lived a lot of places.  By the sea…in the middle of the country by the Big Blue river (where there’s almost no water)…and the each region of the country has its charm and beauty.  But the South has it over the rest of y’all when it comes to porches. There’s just nothing like being able to sit outside and listen to the birds…smell the gardenias and the honeysuckle (it grows wild in a lot of places here).  We have a young Woodpecker – beautiful little guy, albeit a bit on the noisy side on occasion…big ol’ cardinals and bluebirds and yellow ones and more…singing all manner of songs (and they don’t care who hears them!)  And in the morning, when I sit on the front porch (we have three – a back one, inside the wire fencing, where the dogs have their own huge piece of the land; and a screened porch off the kitchen, with a doggie dog and it’s big enough to entertain neighbors & friends, get to know the dogs – they’re friendly unless you’re mean – and get to the garage to wash clothes or put something up you don’t want in the house) there are two Hawks – a male & a female – who fly over the house, almost seem to come when I call them.  The male is big, with a huge wingspan…the female a bit smaller.  They cast a shadow as they say hello and greet me and the day. And Butterflies…oh man, do I just love Butterflies.  We have so many varieties down here.  Just too many to describe, but I’ll talk about it in a post one day soon, ’cause I have a story about one that will blow you away. So we’re everyday folk, we are. My parents were everday folk who did the best they could always. My grandmother – she was my best friend. Saved my butt from my Mom a few times, and used to tell me how she just know I’d be the one to do most things first and take the consequences. And I believe in saying what I mean and meaning what I say without having to put someone else down. So don’t think there’s anything I won’t be talking about. I’m way too old to worry about that kind of nonsense. And if you’re commenting here, you’re welcome. Try to comment from your best self. If you have to swear, or say really nasty things, I’ll delete the post. My mother always told me that if you have to swear or get mean and say stupid stuff, then you’ve lost the debate from the beginning – and just may not have a point to start with! I agree with her. So keep it clean, keep it focused and friendly and you’re more than welcome to sit in one of the rockers (they’re all different shapes and sizes – most not new – I’m a garage sale gal – love estate auctions and all that kind of thing.) Blessings and Belly Laughs, folks – and opportunities aplenty to pass them forward. We plain folk, we’re sturdy – the backbone of this great country (& all the other grand countries) – so turn off that TV and get up off your butt and c’mon over and take a load off – let’s talk.


  1. love this, and I’m waiting to read about , “The Butterfly” story…..Cheers from a rocker I bought in Downtown Gainesville in 1974–the cane/oak rocker was the first big purchase my wife of 36 years bought.


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