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No Coincidences and a Hot Day on the Porch

It’s hot here today – and humid.  But what a grand day it’s been so far.

I sat out on the porch with Miles (my big Coon Hound mix), and meditated a few minutes, with the birds, bugs, and Woodpecker family as a musical backdrop; then I made another cup of coffee and got to work on an amended tax return.  Calling with a question to one of the folks I needed to contact, I had more totally cool moments!

The young woman who answered the phone was so helpful – and gracious enough to listen to me tell her how woeful I am at anything resembling Math.  We talked a bit, and our conversation just lifted my day way up.  As I told this charming and intelligent young woman, there are no coincidences in God’s universe.  I’m hopeful that I get to talk with her Nana – who sounds like a really dynamic woman (I’m a firm believer that if all of us women got together, we would make our world livable and loving and aware.)

To all the dynamic, thinking, seeing-clearly women out there (remember: Jesus told us to scrape that Dark off the Looking Glass so we can see clearly – then operate only from that space); to all the nurturers, entrepreneurs of a new style of business; to the Change Agents…I send you intentions for the most ONEderful day, creating the next greatest version of the grandest vision you ever had about Who You really Are.

Run like the Wind with your Passion.



times and moments

Summer’s Coming…Got a Wrench?

If you’ve never experienced getting wet via a fire plug, well you have, indeed, missed one of the best summertime, beat-the-heart-if-your-neighbor-has-a-wrench moments.


It’s not the same now…or here.  I’m out in the country…most of us are on well water (either via ground water or deep aquifer.)  There are no kids around – the ones who are, are either teenagers on ATVs or little ones who stick pretty close to their parents and on their own property.  It’s quiet here, for the most part; and yet…

Summer’s memory calls.  C’mon!  Remember when even the cops might turn it o
n, if none of the busybody old ladies were watching him do it?  Yep. And the kid (or sometimes a willing adult) with an ample behind would back up against the fire hydrant and the water would arc and spray up over us…and we’d dance…and laugh…and try to throw some water at one another as the flow cascaded down.

Every city neighborhood did pretty much the same thing.  Summer in the the city was Continue reading “Summer’s Coming…Got a Wrench?”