Wanna twist a wrench and talk for real?

So, queridos, ¿Qué tal hoy? How’s your day going thus far? Now, I had just a couple of minutes, so I was responding to the post I put up on the pods that a city in Germany is using to help the homeless, and I was pondering the responses in the U.S. (illegal to give food to the homeless in some places…spikes on park benches to ensure no one sleeps on them…etc) and…as I am wont to do…the thoughts that encircle many of our days as we have spent the last how long in a dual pandemic of Covid and Fallacious Construct.

So here it is…my stream of consciousness for this morning. Soy Yo.
And We are all One – all of us needing to practice. xoxox

The reality appears to be that many places across the globe have done much forward thinking. In the U.S., there are so many folks with workable ideas, well-thought out.
Unfortunately, we – the U.S. citizens ( most) – do NOT value are artisans, our future thinkers (and btw, our future is NOW. This is action time.), our current thinkers – credible ones where their track record and actions now toward collectively practicing ONEness – the real kind, on-the-ground kind, is visible and interactive.

The crowd is loud…that swath of people who have spent their lives learning how to yell the loudest…be the bully…to make your Self heard…to be able to stand your ground…and yet choose to not hear other, rational, honest voices. So, I’m telling you this:

I. SEE. YOU. WE. HEAR. YOU. Most of us are there, have been there, or are about to be there where you are in some manner. Let’s look across at each other – y’know…horizontally? Laterally?

WE. ARE. NOT. EACH. OTHERS’. ENEMY. I’d really like you to get that. What freakin magic power do you think the everyday humans have on this ‘side’ that is the ‘opposite’ of you, somehow ‘out to get you or take your shit’ kind of people. For real?! We get our clock cleaned the same way you do. How come you can’t believe that? Is it because different spins are used for different people? C’mon, like, light up, pal, and listen up.

All the Big Players have been and are constantly creating stories – I called it creating/building constructs – like making a building with Lies for mortar. They use their underlings – and make no mistake – the guys on talk radio and TV – they ARE underlings. Otherwise (paying attention still?) just how do you think they could say the same thing at the same time on all the shows in exactly the same way? Just observing, y’know?

You keep lookin’ at me when I try to explain even half a Reality – the for real kind
what I keep – even now – after ALL the credible evidence of virtually ZERO ZILCH fraud – getting back from you and those CROOKED SEDITIOUS PLAYED-YOU-LIKE-A-FINE-GUITAR and for at least 8 years guys –
is the
REGURGITATION of what they fed you! Man, that food really sticks to your ribs, eh?
And then…! You guys go and storm the freakin capitol, like – wow – just how finely they must have tuned you – the instrument of your own destruction they made you into and now take no credit for having done so. They disowned you like a borrowed red-headed stepchild – hard and fast – dropped you right on your pointed hatted head. Hello? Still listening? Did you know the 49ers bought an English Premier League Soccer team? (ah, still with me…)

Hear the rhythms of your own growing up
If you grew up rural, well BFD
If you grew up city, well BFD
Take those rhythms of the beauty, music, good times and bring them here
I’ll pick up an instrument and we share our music

Another group can wrench to the rhythm of an engine when she purrs
Or revs aggressively like a Cheetah with an extra set of lungs.

And then there’s recipes…I mean, do you see where I’m going with this? Honest-to-God? And am I pissed at you? Oh yeah. Let’s not get it twisted. I’m pissed because you refuse to even look at anything other than your proscribed media – all else is crap. Shit, guys, it’s like you were given, believe, and use a new Bible, for Christ’s sake! For Christ’s sake…ah, yeah. Sure.

So yeah, that’s it for this episode from the Could-possibly-be-full-of-shit-department-but-come-ready-to-debate-discuss-if-you-think-so.
Beginning won’t be easy for any of us. But, practice leaving your ego, your religion, and your biases at the door. No worries: no one wants to pick up your baggage. We all have our own and it can be very heavy.
Until next time

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