Yesterday…We were better, Boomers

Yes, yes, my erudite, used-to-be-Rock n Roll, Country, R&B, Soul, Doo-Wop, Surfing, you name it…Individuations of the End-of-WWII Celebration – you could call it, home coming…

…yesterday, we were better.

We loved more – liked more even; gave the other guy a break; cut each other some slack.

…yesterday, we were better.

We were better during those years

That Vietnam tore our loved ones from our lives

At the behest of Powermongers’ wet dreams.

Their old armchairs have worn out

Thanks to so many Fake Patriot ventures.

GM Lies for Breakfast

Fast Food Frankenfood for Lunch and sometimes dinner.

Lies sprinkled like Jimmies across the top of our Ice Cream existences.

And we loved them; still do.

It’s so much better to eat what tastes good

Than what’s good for you

Better yet

Good for all of us.

What’s that?!

The Collective instinct has all but been bred out of us. Listen to the Decades:

The Chordettes

Then the 60s…the 70s…we did better.

We made mistakes…but we did things together to make things better.

We stood up. Yes, yes. Brave. Passionate. We had leaders then.

Seems they had to die. The Truth is not allowed to be dug out

Dug up…


The 80s…wow.

Many of us can chronicle our lives by the Music

Across the decades we sang…

And then we stopped.

Sat down

Got scared

got ailments

Got scared

So we – some of us – turned on Fox News

You know…

helps to have an entity to validate our Fears

Give us things and folks to blame

And drop kick us Jesus through the goalposts of Life.


Now, just take it easy.

I know all the stories and narratives and the good we do.

I also know what we’ve been and done

How we’ve changed every decade we’ve lived through

Working together – collectively – oooh, bad word.

Judgment has become just the trendiest thing

Separation the ‘In Thing’ –

especially if they’re those ‘Others.’

Now, ‘Separation’ is in large part achieved.

‘Social Distancing’ is now not only okay

But an Order.

So what happens now,

my Baby Boomer colleagues?

Will – can – we

change another Decade

For the Good?

For the movement

Through the Paradigm Shift?

Will we stand up

Drop the Fear

And pick up Change?

We have to, you know.

And when the evening yields to night

we have two choices:

Pre-serve the Planet – for us, our kids, grandkids

Continue the way it is

Lies upon Lies

Pollution upon pollution


Watch the Words!!!

It’s Time. We know what to do.

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