Thursday Question for Friday, from the Back Porch

You can’t even sit out on the back porch, really, without thinking about Climate Change. Things are different. The weather is different. The temperature is higher or lower – extreme – wherever you might be. Here, in the Deepest South, it’s been warm – they say it’s the warmest July on record so far, in the warmest year. I know one thing: the bugs like it. Hell no, they love it. The tics, which have no regulation of their internal temperature that I know of, must be procreating like crazy in this nice, warm weather, because they’re all over.

All manner of bugs are proliferating. The scorpions – and I don’t know much about their mating habits or makeup – are finding their way into all manner of nook and cranny. (anyone know what a cranny is, by the way?) And, oh, the ants. It’s a yearly seasonal battle that has been getting just plain awful over the last few years. What the heck kind of power does that Queen Bee have, anyway!? I want to bottle it and sell it – and use it! She gets all those males and workers to do exactly what she decides she wants. They must have had a Queens’ meeting and decided that my house is a great party house. No matter if there’s food about or not, Lord, they just claim a free space and party. My Bug guy and I are on a first-name-come-for-coffee basis.

So, back to Climate Change. I actually like the term Climate Destabilization. Global Warming is a once-upon-a-time title, when we really didn’t know quite so much about what was happening…except the Biggies did. Exxon-Mobil knew. Big corporations dependent upon us not having a real clue as to the reality of Climate Change knew. But they couldn’t let us know; because they might have to change their dang profit-at-any-cost ways. I figure they’ve found another planet to live on already, so they can rape and pillage and plunder this planet at will because their progeny won’t be living here. They just keep on pushing the oil and smashing the possibilities of Solar, Air, and Wind….not quite enough profit in it, you see.

All that oil…petroleum…now we know we have to change our ways – get off the dang stuff. Okay, we might buy an electric car; or recycle plastic bottles (anyone ever consider buying glass, then repurposing, reusing it?) Hmmm…

So, here it comes; Friday’s question: How many things in your house and your life can you name that come from Oil/Petroleum? Whole or in part? Think about it. One? Thirty? Go outside and head to work. Then, when you’re done, it’s Friday. Go out and have a good time. Through which part of the day did you find you did not need to use or make use of a petroleum/oil-based thing.

It’s just one of the random thoughts you have when you’re rocking on the back porch, doing a favorite activity…thinking. I’d be interested in hearing from you, queridos. Thanks.

‘Til next time, I’ll be right here on the back porch waiting for you, with a beverage at the ready, and maybe we can chill and have a conversation.

Blues Vues Back Porch

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