Thanks, Delta; Standing up; Being the Change

Thanks, Delta airlines, for giving a generous grant to ensure that the MLK Center would remain open in the face of the government shutdown.

Afterward, amongst other things, there will be a community discussion on bridging the racial divide.

I remember listening to Andrew Young and some others having a discussion a while ago about how Dr King was a guy that didn’t look for being at the Center…that he didn’t seek all that happened and he became…but he knew that – in each of us, all fallible humans – there is a Moment of Choice, when you are called to be more…called to be the change you say you want to see in the world. He answered.

There are forces and groups out there – and it’s done with many folks who step up- in the years after they’re gone – who actively work to whitewash (pun intended) the ones like Dr King – to make YOU/US think we could never be like them. It is deliberately done as a tool to make you sit down and do nothing, because you’ve been spun to believe you ‘cant .’ Hogwash.

Organize. Strategize. Stand up together.

Change the world. THIS is Love in Action.

Bernice King used ‘Love in Action’ in her talk. Yes.


Time to stand up. Let’s honor Dr King and others by NOT believing the whitewashing efforts to render those who have stood up as something different. We are all One; and together we are powerful.

And that’s what scares those who divide us. 🌹

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