Tony…I want to have a drink with you when I get there…

Credit to The Elephant Journal – a really cool site you might check out, sign up, and enjoy.  I thank them for running this.  Please take a moment and read it.  After Tony Bourdain’s death, I think about how his shows became more about the reality of the everyday person and how they live; what is done to them; and the utter lack of need, other than greed and profit and control, to do those things.

Perhaps he came to see the world in such a stark reality – and people’s attempts to still find joy and happiness admidst the warmonger, fearmongering “elite” and their oppressions – that his Spirit just decided it was enough.  We’ll never know until we, ourselves, are in spirit.  But I for damn well am going to sit down and have a drink with him.  Tony…wherever you are…you rock.


A piece on Tony Bourdain from the Elephant Journal

Bridge with high water mayb1e Norway

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