Spanish to Chinese, Russian, German – a mellow morning

Sitting out here on my front porch (I have three), listening to the life in the many trees sing their morning greetings to me – and me giving it my utmost to translate and connect back with a greeting they can, perhaps, take back to their language and understand – I am reminded how much singing…music…and language are intertwined.

The music and song…the rhythms of a language…speak to my spirit in a way that makes me smile. It is a deep connection that brings culture and history into the present

To celebrate…to speak to those who will listen…of a time ago; of ‘then’

That brings us ‘now.’

Alfred Arteaga – in his magnificent use of English, Náuahtl, and Chicano, was one who understood this. The Náuahtl language brought me a beautiful glimpse of their culture

Flower Song = Poem


The joy it brings me to be able to move from Spanish to Russian, then Spanish to German; and amazingly, continuing learning Mandarin, but now from Spanish instead of English! It’s like a bit of a mind-bending puzzle, but oh-so-cool!

In whatever language you sing, queridos, enjoy.


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