Big Win in Georgia and an Idea…

Good morning, queridos. 🦋

Y’know, we have been spun/propagandized to believe we are separate, one from the other; but we are not. It is a fallacy of the worst kind; perpetuated by the Forces of Separation using Fear of ‘the other’ as a tool.

We are so much more than that.

Last night in Georgia, a woman – Stacey Abrams – won the Democratic Primary. She also happens to have more melanin in her skin. I voted for her and I have an idea that I truly believe can work. I shared it on my FB page and I share it with you. Let me know your reasoned thoughts, yes, please? Thanks 🦋 As always, hate speech will be deleted (my blog my choice) and thank you for honoring that.



Now – we ALL need to work even HARDER to ensure she’s elected. Getting everyone registered…especially the Young. Make them see the importance of the election.

We could start a campaign to combine registering them the younger ones and task them with helping an elder get to the polls. The Elder may be able to share info and history with the young, even as the young one may be providing listening and assistance.

Pairing for Progress! Linkage is continuity is Winning.


From a CNN article this morning: “Her ability to appeal to both progressives and minority voters and Georgia’s status as a Super Tuesday state in the presidential primary and an emerging swing state in general elections means national names are likely to flock to Georgia to campaign for Abrams.”

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