There is Music here in the morning. My front porch holds the upfront seats to the symphony of the birds and other critters that, using the trees as their home, coexist with me.

A lizard family that has called the depths of the woodpile outside the screened porch to the side of the house home lo these many years, scurry about in a proprietary way, paying me no mind. They know I won’t hurt them.

Three huge rabbits, maybe more, stop and observe. The other critters have told them I’m cool, but they are new this year…and skittish.

Another gray day here, and rain most likely, again, in the late afternoon; and I don’t mind at all. I love the rain. Ah…the scent of my gardenia bushes arrives on a gentle playing of the wind in the key of C…a soft jazz piece, I think.

Not thinking though…just feeling the morning…and enjoying its music. There’ll be time enough later to integrate with the world ‘out there.’

In this moment…coffee beside me; the Silence the background player for Earth’s music…I smile. I am blessed.


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