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Summer’s Coming…Got a Wrench?

If you’ve never experienced getting wet via a fire plug, well you have, indeed, missed one of the best summertime, beat-the-heart-if-your-neighbor-has-a-wrench moments.


It’s not the same now…or here.  I’m out in the country…most of us are on well water (either via ground water or deep aquifer.)  There are no kids around – the ones who are, are either teenagers on ATVs or little ones who stick pretty close to their parents and on their own property.  It’s quiet here, for the most part; and yet…

Summer’s memory calls.  C’mon!  Remember when even the cops might turn it o
n, if none of the busybody old ladies were watching him do it?  Yep. And the kid (or sometimes a willing adult) with an ample behind would back up against the fire hydrant and the water would arc and spray up over us…and we’d dance…and laugh…and try to throw some water at one another as the flow cascaded down.

Every city neighborhood did pretty much the same thing.  Summer in the the city was Heat, Humidity, and Reflection off the sidewalks and cars onto your body – all conspiring to make you drip with sweat the minute you ran out the door.

Once grown, I became the Keeper of the Wrench.  My hubby at-the-time – a general contractor – of course had one.  The kids would knock on the door regularly and ask me if I would turn it on.  My son was one of them.  I played with the kids, and used my own God-given gift of a pear-shaped body which, no matter what size I was, came with an abundant behind with which to cause the water to become a waterfall.  What fun it was.

Funny how times change…there have been ups and downs with my son – a dynamic, fairly self-contained adult now – who loves his own children and his wife with an all-abiding love.  We don’t see one another much, either.  They live far away, and for me, physical issues, money, travel, etc., all play a part.  But today…when I’ve been outside..

I felt the message, as the sun caressed me in waves … Summer’s coming. Got the wrench?


(pic is from site on Philly/unk credit)


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