Miércoles and Books

I remember watching Ernest Gaines on YouTube saying that if you want to write, read – a lot. I read – a lot. From three years old, when my Gram taught me, and sang to me, played (and showed me how, when I could reach the pedals) notes on the old upright player piano, I learned how to read, dance, and the crude beginnings of awareness of the piano (and an abiding love of music.)

Music…so much diversity in music – especially what I call, “World Music – music of the everyday; of struggles; labor; love; challenges; celebration, and more. Life happening is its own rhythm.

Life happening – and back to reading and knowing what has gone before so the Present can be understood in context, and the Future – based on that ability to assess intelligently – can be imagined, reasoned upon, and planned for individually and collectively.

I’ve been studying the history of our interactions in the Global South, reading as much as energy and eyeballs will allow.  There’s also a paper on Reagan almost done – coming soon.  Yes, reading and researching are enjoyable and informative.  I’m reading a book entitled, “Overthrow” by Stephen Kinzler.  In fact, allow me, please to share a few books, if I may.  Then I’ll go get another cup of coffee whilst you peruse the list.

Do you have a book or a list of them that you enjoy to share with me?  Cool.

In addition to “Overthrow” I recommend:

“Once Upon a Time in Russia” – Ben Mezrich.  My skills set includes languages – primarily Spanish, and then Russian, including the cultures, customs, history, etc.  It’s great fun!  My Italian is peripheral and rust, except the swear words.  There is just no time for it at the forefront in this moment.  Mandarin is the third language important and fun to me.  It’s a challenge, for sure.  I aced my accelerated (two semesters in one) Chinese class a while back, but was exhausted beyond almost anything, except for Math.  So back to the book.

I also love Soccer (Fútbol), and the owner of Chelsea FC in the UK is owned by an interesting Russian gent who – unlike many other owners who are neither from or in the UK – appears to like the club and soccer, as well as making mega-money from it.  This book mentions him, and is a great read on the Oligarchs, a bit of history, and you’ll learn new stuff.

“The Brothers” also by Stephen Kinzel.  What a fascinating book – and look at the Dulles Brothers, John Foster and Allen.  The prototypical W.A.S.P.s, born with all that the Dominant Class amenities and gifts possible.  It chronicles their lives in a way that takes you through the thinking of Cold War Ideologues and Puritanical belief systems (you know, let’s conquer/overthrew/confiscate/kill/torture, then we’ll show them it was all a plan of the White Protestant Upper Class God that intends to save your soul.)  Through presidents and advisors, it’s a real window into what’s really going on.

“Eaarth” by Bill McKibben.  Wow…Truth can be sipped or gulped down at once; but if we don’t begin partaking of the Truth, then we may be causing the extinction of the Human Race, because Mama Nature, yep, she’ll take back and heal what’s hers, and she doesn’t need us – in fact, she may prefer to be without us.  Essential reading, unless you’re living in the Koch-Kloud-of-Delusion called Climate Change Denial.

“Tropic of Chaos” by Christian Parenti.  This was a riveting read, and I shall read it again to glean more soon (I have a Kindle, so I can ‘highlight’ and virtually crink a page and my book is no worse for the wear.)  Climate Change changes everything.  EVERYTHING.  Drought, for instance, causes animals to die; people to become ill and often die.  If your water is already scarce (forget Kenya and Somalia, where I was going to give an example – think about Los Angeles/Southern California and Arizona), and it gets worse, how do you live in that location?  If you’re in an already poor country, and drought causes the aforementioned (which it is already), what do you do?  If your cow dies – your source of income and more – how long before you consider stealing something else, at least enough to survive?

If they have to leave that location, where do they go?  Then survival turns into Immigration, and we all know how kindly the rest of the world – especially the developed Western Hegemon – views immigration, right?  This book chronicles things you may not have thought of…THOUGHT being the operative word here, yes?

So those are the books for now.  I’ll probably share more, though.

Re-member:  Peace is Who We Are. Love is all there is.  (and please don’t tell me that being Peace makes you a wuss.  Have you ever tried being Peace? It’s sturdy, standing-up, even in-the-face-honest and sometimes afraid, but movin’


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