Being Ghosted for My Heresy by MAGA Christians

A must read REAL Christian Story

Credit to The Elephant Journal – a really cool site you might check out, sign up, and enjoy.  I thank them for running this.  Please take a moment and read it.  After Tony Bourdain’s death, I think about how his shows became more about the reality of the everyday person and how they live; what is done to them; and the utter lack of need, other than greed and profit and control, to do those things.

Perhaps he came to see the world in such a stark reality – and people’s attempts to still find joy and happiness admidst the warmonger, fearmongering “elite” and their oppressions – that his Spirit just decided it was enough.  We’ll never know until we, ourselves, are in spirit.  But I for damn well am going to sit down and have a drink with him.  Tony…wherever you are…you rock.


A piece on Tony Bourdain from the Elephant Journal

Bridge with high water mayb1e Norway

Posted by: Blue | 8 June 2018

A Friday morning note on Tony Bourdain…

Yesterday, I was planning to write my remembrances of the day Bobby Kennedy was murdered.  I thought, no, I’ll wait a day until all the nice things are said, and talk about my own feelings that early, early morning sitting on the side of my bed watching TV as it happened, so many years ago.

I’ll still write it.  However, today I’m watching about someone else having left us.  Anthony Bourdain – a guy I’ve watched and followed; read about; all these years.  I admired him. I admired his honesty, his openness, and his caring about others.  To me, he had a real handle on what the world is like.  Maybe that’s why he left.

But he left behind a message.  So have others who have committed Suicide…and we damn well better listen.

There will be some who not only won’t listen, but they’ll get behind their computers, and – using their anonymous and brave keyboards – they’ll spout off about how these people should have gotten help, they had money, they this, they that.  Well, the fact is this:  if you are spewing non-sense and holier-than-thou crap from behind the anonymity of a computer screen,

You are one of those afflicted with some form of Mental Illness.

There is precious little help for anyone who is mentally disturbed/challenged/ill/hurting.  We’d rather jail them, it seems.  After all, the Prison-Industrial complex has stated clearly that in order to make a profit and stay in business, they have to have more than 90% of their beds filled, yes?  So, we certainly accommodate them.  Something stinks.

Stars like Tony Bourdain and Kate Spade and others who have left us this way get looked at either with sympathy or disdain.  Empathy appears to have left us – at least in the Western World.  It’s all I can speak to.  Severely Religious folks and some others believe that committing Suicide is a ‘Sin.’  Maybe they’ll ‘burn in hell.’ Yeah right.  Save that judgement for your Selves, please.

What I do believe is that we are all Spirits in human experience, expressing an Experience of God/Life/Universe.  You don’t need to believe that – after all, it’s my belief, not yours.  But just like our children dying all the time across the world – from Poverty, Neglect, War, and more – they are sending us a message and we are not listening.  So many claim Religion, yet turn away from the ‘hard’ problems; blame it on ‘others;’ and go to church/synagogue/mosque/wherever and thank our gods that it’s not us.

But, it is us.  The everyday person has more pressures now than ever.

Now, support systems of all and every kind are being ripped away from the fabric of a political system that used to, at least, provide some semblance of well-being to its citizens at the most basic level.  Support is being taken away from those already promised it and trying to live on it.  Mental Health assistance is virtually non-existent.  Medical care is being dismantled – even as it wasn’t the best, unless you have a lot of money, then it is.  The United States is one of the worst in the Western ‘developed’ world at caring for its citizens.

Yet, we are so completely and adeptly spun that we believe otherwise.

Tony Bourdain’s shows showed Reality.  He, more and more, addressed issues of the Everyday Person around the world, through food…culture.

I’ll miss you, Tony.  I hope we listen…

tony bourdain




Posted by: Blue | 4 June 2018

A Dance…

Mind and Passion…

The Parents of all who live Life fully; creatively; on their own terms, as much as they are able.

I have always seen you that way, querido…

Passion controlled
Is still Passion

Mind constantly learning
Is Passion’s Breath

Breathe me in;
Loosen control

The Dance of Mind and Passion
Is hot, slow
And sweet

Feel the Rhythm
Hear the Beat

Shall we dance?

The Music that is us, beckons.


Posted by: Blue | 1 June 2018

Just a reminder…

that, perhaps, we can use once in a while.

No one can hold it together forever.

Sometimes the small things take more inhales and exhales than the big ones;

And we all experience it.

So just passing along a mantra for if and when you might need it, queridos.

Blue xo

Sitting out here on my front porch (I have three), listening to the life in the many trees sing their morning greetings to me – and me giving it my utmost to translate and connect back with a greeting they can, perhaps, take back to their language and understand – I am reminded how much singing…music…and language are intertwined.

The music and song…the rhythms of a language…speak to my spirit in a way that makes me smile. It is a deep connection that brings culture and history into the present

To celebrate…to speak to those who will listen…of a time ago; of ‘then’

That brings us ‘now.’

Alfred Arteaga – in his magnificent use of English, Náuahtl, and Chicano, was one who understood this. The Náuahtl language brought me a beautiful glimpse of their culture

Flower Song = Poem


The joy it brings me to be able to move from Spanish to Russian, then Spanish to German; and amazingly, continuing learning Mandarin, but now from Spanish instead of English! It’s like a bit of a mind-bending puzzle, but oh-so-cool!

In whatever language you sing, queridos, enjoy.


Posted by: Blue | 23 May 2018

Big Win in Georgia and an Idea…

Good morning, queridos. 🦋

Y’know, we have been spun/propagandized to believe we are separate, one from the other; but we are not. It is a fallacy of the worst kind; perpetuated by the Forces of Separation using Fear of ‘the other’ as a tool.

We are so much more than that.

Last night in Georgia, a woman – Stacey Abrams – won the Democratic Primary. She also happens to have more melanin in her skin. I voted for her and I have an idea that I truly believe can work. I shared it on my FB page and I share it with you. Let me know your reasoned thoughts, yes, please? Thanks 🦋 As always, hate speech will be deleted (my blog my choice) and thank you for honoring that.



Now – we ALL need to work even HARDER to ensure she’s elected. Getting everyone registered…especially the Young. Make them see the importance of the election.

We could start a campaign to combine registering them the younger ones and task them with helping an elder get to the polls. The Elder may be able to share info and history with the young, even as the young one may be providing listening and assistance.

Pairing for Progress! Linkage is continuity is Winning.


From a CNN article this morning: “Her ability to appeal to both progressives and minority voters and Georgia’s status as a Super Tuesday state in the presidential primary and an emerging swing state in general elections means national names are likely to flock to Georgia to campaign for Abrams.”

Posted by: Blue | 22 May 2018


There is Music here in the morning. My front porch holds the upfront seats to the symphony of the birds and other critters that, using the trees as their home, coexist with me.

A lizard family that has called the depths of the woodpile outside the screened porch to the side of the house home lo these many years, scurry about in a proprietary way, paying me no mind. They know I won’t hurt them.

Three huge rabbits, maybe more, stop and observe. The other critters have told them I’m cool, but they are new this year…and skittish.

Another gray day here, and rain most likely, again, in the late afternoon; and I don’t mind at all. I love the rain. Ah…the scent of my gardenia bushes arrives on a gentle playing of the wind in the key of C…a soft jazz piece, I think.

Not thinking though…just feeling the morning…and enjoying its music. There’ll be time enough later to integrate with the world ‘out there.’

In this moment…coffee beside me; the Silence the background player for Earth’s music…I smile. I am blessed.


There are several writers whom I love. One of them is Jorge Luis Borges.

Hay varios escritores a los que amo. Jorge Luis Borges es uno de estos.

He was – and is – a challenge to comprehend. But he is worth taking the time to discover his works, and his life. What a life. And doesn’t every writer have at least some part of Life that is brought to the story?

Él era, y es, un desafío para comprender. Pero vale la pena tomar el tiempo descubrir sus obras y su vida. Qué vida. ¿Y no tiene cada escritor a lo menos algún parte de su vida que traiga al cuento?


Thought this was good, so thought I’d share.
A mellow Sunday to You!


It started out as the most exhilarating story you had ever written. There was something magical about the premise and the mere thought of the plot made your pulse accelerate.

Like a seductive mistress it pulled you into its literary arms and in a whisper told you about all the wonderful places it would whisk you away to. It promised you greatness whilst gently stroking your writer’s ego. Life came to a halt as you spent every waking moment writing or thinking about it.

Sadly your literary relationship soon hit hard times. This was caused by your draft not sounding right after five painful rewrites and the discovery of a glaring plot hole towards the end.

Cue your writer’s inner turmoil; long arduous nights trying to write the sixth draft, hot tears, lengthy emails to writing friends, countless cups of coffee, bleak looks, sighs, moans, groans, sarcasm, chocolate binges and…

View original post 462 more words

Posted by: bluesvuesbackporch | 28 June 2017

Scraping the Dark off the Looking Glass #1 – There is no…

There is no White
There is no Blackmyth reality
There is no Brown
There is no Red
There is no Yellow.

THIS is a construct…carefully erected over time
The mortar used is Myth

Ethnicity re-established means what was forcibly taken from so many for Control Over, can be found.
This one Construct alone should make you realize just how easily spun We the People can be.

Your amino-acided-melanin-infused color belongs on a Chart

Just like your hair or your eyes.
Our biggest challenge as a people is fear-based
It’s why we don’t scrape the Dark off the Looking Glass

Because if we see clearly, then we have to address the Lies
The Constructs
And the reasons why.
Then we have to look at each other and see What Really Is.
And work from there.

Fear serves nothing, but it sells.
Fear helps nothing, but it spins the construct, hardening it like cement.
Deconstruction Time. Get your hammer.
There is no White
There is no Black
There is no Brown
There is no Red
There is now Yellow

I am Peachy Beige, with Blue Eyes. Yep. That’s Reality.

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